DJ wrote:
> Hi gimp-user,
> Thanks to everyone that responded to my questions.
> I found, while going through a tutorial, that to draw a circle you can
> use the ellipse tool with the shift key held down. Same with the
> rectangle tool to get a square.
> I found an excellent site and just thought I'd pass it on
>   The book targets Photoshop, but the
> concepts are similar. They have very nice graphics that you can
> interactively change to see the effects. Cool! Gimpguru has been
> helpful, too.
> My latest problem. I have a very nice black and white photo of a
> couple. The only problem is the man's right arm and part of his chest
> are too light. I tried using the cloning and smudge tool, but it
> looked like he was wearing a dead raccoon. Not the look I was going
> for :-) I so much just want to draw a rectangle around the arm and say
> darken, but how do I do that in GIMP?
If that's really all you want, do just that. Use the rectange select 
tool and then Brightness-Contrast in the Colour Tools. (Other ways of 
selecting might give you better results, though.)


> I played around with layers, layer masks (which I know very little
> about), but have not been successful.  Is there help for this poor
> fellow's arm?
> Thank you.

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