>plug-in-winsnap, but I am not sure if it can be called

I cannot get it work interactively nor noninteractively.
Anyone could give a try?

If you could add the proper procedure (e.g., noninteractive
winsnap) to the next version of GIMP, would that be ok as well.

As an alternative, I could try to minimize the mouse clicks:
(1) A key shortcut to File/Acquire/Screen Shot...
(2) Default to "Grab the whole screen". How? If possible.
(3) A periodic script which saves and closes any active images
    it finds. (Screenshots are named as Untitled-1.0, Untitled-2.0 etc.)

BTW, IrfanView has the needed features, but they do not work because
probably the capture setup option file is in the protected
installation directory, and defaults are capture-and-edit. :-(

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