I am currently using the GIMP on an Apple computer, more specifically  
a Powerbook G4. I runs quite well, but I feel like  it's a little  
slow. One of these days, I tryed to run it with Ubuntu Linux, in the  
same machine, and it seemed to run a lot faster. And I wonder now if  
there could be another GIMP version or build for Mac that would be  
more optimized for this platform. Does anyone know about any?

I know that there is a GIMP-related project named Seashore. It has a  
clean interface, but it is meanless to me, as it lacks most of the  
features I like to use...

One other question... Is there a completely universal Mac version?  
Some weeks ago, I tryed to run the GIMP in a MacBook Pro (Intel C2D)  
and there were no Filters, and the cursor had a funny aspect.... Does  
anyone here use the GIMP under MacOS X in the new Intel Macs? Which  
version? And does everything work ok?


Victor Domingos
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