DJ wrote:
> Hi,
>>> My latest problem. I have a very nice black and white photo of a
>>> couple. The only problem is the man's right arm and part of his chest
>>> are too light. I tried using the cloning and smudge tool, but it
>>> looked like he was wearing a dead raccoon. Not the look I was going
>>> for :-) I so much just want to draw a rectangle around the arm and say
>>> darken, but how do I do that in GIMP?
> A> If that's really all you want, do just that. Use the rectange select 
> A> tool and then Brightness-Contrast in the Colour Tools. (Other ways of 
> A> selecting might give you better results, though.)
> This may be an "ah ha" moment for me :-) Do you mean, if I make a
> selection with any of the Selection Tools, that others Color Tools
> will be limited to that selection...  D'oh!
> I guess I was already doing that with the Paint Bucket and Gradient,
> but didn't think other Tools and Dialogs obeyed, like Levels. I'll
> have to play with this.

I would suggest

1. ) Make a selection with the lasso tool.

2. ) Increase the selection by several pixels.

3.) Feather this selection by the same value.

4.)  Darken the selection by using the  Dodge/Burn Tool (SHIFT + D).



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