I use gimp-2.3 from the development build under fink or ports (i
forget which one). It has all the features you want.

the only problem I *hate* is that the X11 will not take control of
Gimp when I click on it once...i have to click twice to activate a
tool...very annoying.

On 5/23/07, Axel Wernicke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Victor,
> Am 24.05.2007 um 01:22 schrieb Victor Domingos:
> > Hello!
> >
> > I am currently using the GIMP on an Apple computer, more specifically
> > a Powerbook G4. I runs quite well, but I feel like  it's a little
> > slow. One of these days, I tryed to run it with Ubuntu Linux, in the
> > same machine, and it seemed to run a lot faster. And I wonder now if
> > there could be another GIMP version or build for Mac that would be
> > more optimized for this platform. Does anyone know about any?
> To tell you about "other" builds, you should have told us where you
> got your GIMP version from?
> There are a couple of prebuild packages for OS X out there - e.g.
> GIMP.app at
> http://gimp-app.sf.net . The most optimized solution however might be
> to build GIMP on your own
> machine. To do so I'd recommend you have a look to darwinports at
> http://www.macports.org
> >
> > I know that there is a GIMP-related project named Seashore. It has a
> > clean interface, but it is meanless to me, as it lacks most of the
> > features I like to use...
> Seashore has nothing to do with GIMP, except that some of the basic
> technologies that where developed for GIMP were used for a new
> application. Concerning features is Seashore much closer to Paint
> than to The GIMP.
> >
> >
> > One other question... Is there a completely universal Mac version?
> > Some weeks ago, I tryed to run the GIMP in a MacBook Pro (Intel C2D)
> > and there were no Filters, and the cursor had a funny aspect.... Does
> > anyone here use the GIMP under MacOS X in the new Intel Macs? Which
> > version? And does everything work ok?
> GIMP.app (see above) is AFAIK a universal package. Also building GIMP
> on your own machine gets you a i386 binary version. Right in the
> beginning (after Apples surprising switch to the dark side) there
> where indeed some more or less minor problems. Both, the yellow
> colored cursor as well as the missing filters are known phenomenon.
> One can be fixed in the GIMP preferences, and the other was (most
> likely) due to some bug in the GTK libraries and could be worked
> around by special environment variables.
> I'm using GIMP at one of the very early MacBook Pros, build it with a
> little help of darwinports and do not have any problems you described
> any more.
> Happy GIMPing,
> lexA
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
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