Hi Fabien3D,

F> I often work with The GIMP to process my own photos, but I also sometimes use
F> Paint Shop Pro X. It provides an interesting feature : when photos were
F> vertically shot, it rotates them automatically when opened by the program. Is
F> this feature available anywhere in the general options or where can I put it
F> in a wishlist ?

  Take a look at "Image -> Transform" and see if one of those work for

  Also, in the Tools menu, there is the "Rotate the layer or
  Selection". Just click it, and then click inside your picture. I use
  it to straighten a picture's horizon. I first use the "Measure
  distances and angles" to find how far it is off, and then use the
  value in the status bar in the rotate dialog.

  As far as I know, none of these are automatic though. You could
  checkout the GIMP registry plug-in at, http://registry.gimp.org/, to
  see if there is anything.



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