Em 2007/05/24, às 13:12, Elwin Estle escreveu:

No, It just cuts up images. There is perlotine, which I think will do that, but it
isn't available for windows, I don'think.

Here is the link.

...here's another one, Webotine. Direct link to the .scm file. The comments say it
generates HTML.


I copied the above script into my scripts folder (I am at work, running the portable version of Gimp) and it seemed to run, tho I didn't slice anyting up or generate the

I tried web-o-tine, but i get an error (see attached image file, please). I have no idea about what happened. maybe it isn't compatible with this GIMP version, or maybe there is something missing in my system (I am running MacOS X Tiger).

I don't run Windows, I use a Mac (PPC, not Intel, by the way). Is perlotine available for MacOS X, anywhere?

Victor Domingos

<<inline: error-web-o-tine.jpg>>

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