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skrev Bruce Bertrand <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Greets,
> I have a a wacom tablet and a normal three button wheel mouse.  Both
> work great for almost everything on my Linux 2.6.21 box.
> When I go into "Gimp prefs > Input Devices > Configure Extended..."
> and enable the stylus and eraser so I can get pressure sensitivity, I
> loose some mouse functionality for my normal mouse.  Specifically, my
> mouse buttons and wheel stop working in Gimp.

This problem (or something similar, where the mouse position also isn't
tracked in the image window) has come up a few times both on this list
and on the linuxwacom one, but unfortunately no one seems to know what's
causing it.  There was some talk about different versions of the
linuxwacom driver being more susceptible, but this depended heavily on
each individual system and seems to be completely random in any case.
It's an annoying problem, for sure.

It seems there's an initialization issue somewhere (I'm guessing GTK),
since the problem can change between reloads of the wacom kernel
module.  Changing enabled extended devices can help, for example
sometimes the mouse only stops working if both the tablet stylus,
eraser and mouse are enabled, other times it only stops working if the
eraser is enabled and doesn't care about the others, etc.  I've also
found that running an SDL game (of all things) and restart the Gimp can
make the problem go away.

The problem isn't limited to the Gimp, btw, it appears in all GTK
applications that use extended devices (eg testinput).

- Gerry
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