For a lot of the black and white photos I'm working on, using
 Image->Mode->Compose with LAB shows a lot of details and seems like a
 good place to start. I've tried to duplicate the results with Levels
 and Curves with some success.  I just try to eyeball it.

I have some specific problems:

H20 water marks?
I fixed up the scratches and bends with the cloning tool, but how do
you handle watermarks. I mean real H20 stuff. A third of the picture
has a different color (the black has what appears to the eye to be
white film over it). The Dodge and Burn tool doesn't seem to help. I
tried blurring, but the wall and curtain have a texture.

Glare in eyeglasses or frames?
I have used the Dodge and Burn tool to reduce the glare, and then I
clone or draw with a fuzzy brush any part of the spectacles that
came up missing. Is that pretty much it?

White sky?
In a color photo I have, the sky is white. I looked in more details
and there just doesn't seem to be any data there. I tired playing
around with an edit mask (which I'm not too familiar with) and doing a
gradient blue to white. So far it doesn't look very realistic. It is a
little difficult because part of the sky is behind trees. Anyone ever
add a blue sky?


I'm doing a lot of adding and subtracting to selections. Why does the
selection tool sometimes turn into a move tool?  It seems like I have
to go to some really strange places in the image to get a minus or
plus sign.

In a selection can you change 1 pixel color to another?

If you see a pattern, and you want to temporarily paint with it to
solve a problem, do you have to create a permanent pattern or brush,
or can you use some magic keystroke to temporarily define it and use

Thank you.


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