> Hi everybody !
> I have made a script to resize picture... but it doesn't work anymore, I
> have change something but I don't remember what...
> Can someone help me?

I suspect that you are using the development version (2.3) of the GIMP  
and your difficulty is caused by the fact that Script-fu has become  
more demanding that you follow proper Scheme programming guidelines  
than it used to be.

In previous versions of Script-fu, you were allowed to 'set!' an  
undeclared variable and Script-fu would happily go ahead and define it  
for you. This is no longer acceptable -- you must declare your  
variables (with either 'define' or 'let*') before you use them.

In particular, you have two variables -- 'f1-height' and 'f1-width' --  
which need to be included in your 'let*' block. Once you do this, I  
think you will find your script to be functional.

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