Hi Gimp-user,

I'm interested in a plug-in greycstoration, at

There appears to be two different ones, but one says it is "official
and supported".

Are plug-in's that are accepted as part of GIMP standard install,
removed from the registry?[/quote]

Not sure but latest that you can download from here
 is the best while other is outdated and deprecated from his authors

2 [quote]When you install a plug-in, how do you know where it will end up on
the menu, other than to look at the code? And if you look at the
code, do you take the opportunity to relocate the plug-in to a
location that makes sense to you for usability and management?[/quote]

here a basic hint http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/faqs.php#25
here how to change location in menu (doesn't require any knowledge of script fu)

i hope this can help


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