Hi! Finally I have managed to compile GIMP 2.3 (unstable) using  
MacPorts. It is really unstable, for now. But I like some of the  
improvements. The menus are getting a little more consistent.

One question: is it possible to set a different language? I'm glad  
that now I can read most of the menu item in Portuguese, but the fact  
is that, since I have been using the english version for a while, I  
feel a lot more comfortable with the english language. I would like  
to start using Gimp in Portuguese, but it would help If I could  
change the language setting everytime I wanted, without affecting the  
system-wide settings for MacOS X. Is it possible?

Is there any documentation about the new features? By the way... is  
there a place where we can find info about how to use the new  
features, everytime a new version is out? In Blender, they publish  
some examples of how each new feature can be applied. Is there a  
similar place for gimp-users?

Victor Domingos

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