In order to change the "gimp-comment" you must change a parasite that is
attached to the image. The following code defines a function that will
set the 'gimp-comment' parasite to the passed string. (Note: I don't  
have access to the GIMP right now, so I haven't tested it; though I  
think it will work.)

Include the function definition in your file (I recommend inserting it  
right after the '(define (batch-test pattern)' line) and replace your

(set! gimp-comment "Some Test Text")


(add-comment image "Some Test Text")

;; 'add-comment' attaches "gimp-comment" parasite to 'image'
;;               with the value of the passed 'string'
   (define (add-comment image string)
     (*catch 'errobj
       (gimp-image-parasite-find image "gimp-comment")
       (if (not (null? errobj))
         (gimp-image-parasite-detach image "gimp-comment")
     (gimp-image-parasite-attach (list "gimp-comment"
                                        (bytes-append string)))

Quoting David Woodfall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to write a batch scm to insert a comment into a tiff. Here is
> the test code. It appears to function correctly but does not seem to add
> the comment:
> (define (batch-test pattern)
>    (let* (
>        (filelist (cadr (file-glob pattern 1)))
>        (filename2)
>        (filename)
>        (image)
>        (drawable)
>        )
>      (while filelist
>        (set! filename (car filelist))
>        (set! image (car (file-tiff-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE filename   
> filename)))
>        (set! drawable (car (gimp-image-flatten image)))
>        (set! gimp-comment "Some Test Text")
>        (file-tiff-save RUN-NONINTERACTIVE image drawable "test.tif"   
> "test.tif" 0)
>        (gimp-image-delete image)
>        (set! filelist (cdr filelist))
>        )
>      )
> )
> I have no idea if (set! gimp-comment "Some Test Text") is the right way of
> doing this but googling doesn't shed much light on it.

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