Hi Gimp-user,

I found this article/tutorial on curves w/Gimp helpful in
improving my understanding of the topic:


Just thought I'd pass it on.

I had an interesting black and white photo with a lot of sky. It
made the curves histogram look like: ____|

I selected the sky separately and applied curves by moving the white
highlight dot, on the right, down to 240, then I inverted the
selection. The histogram for the body of the image was a kiddies
snow skiing slope. I pulled the black shadow over to the beginning of
the snow skiing slope and then created a weak "s".

I notice I tend to like thinks white/light. When I finally put the
images on a DVD and view them on my TV, they are really white - almost
hurts your eyes to look at it. Ooops!  Working with curves has really
made me think about what I'm doing.


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