Suin Edit wrote:
> I use powerpoint generate a presentation and add some
> arrows (outlined) and text on it.  But when I use
> powerpoint save as png, or jpg and view it on
> Microsoft Office Picture manage and zoom in/out, all
> characters 
> and arrows displayed smoothly. 
> But when I use gimp to view the image, the texts and
> arrows are not smoothly anymore (zig-zag) .  

I don't know much about Powerpoint but my suspicion is that it is a vector 
based package whereas GIMP is bitmap based. Images and text will look fine in 
Powerpoint regardless of zoom factor. Once you export data from Powerpoint to 
a png, or jpg, you now have a bitmap representation of the original. How good 
that looks will depend on the size and resolution of the image you created at 
the time you exported from Powerpoint.

> I attached my file but I found the mail cannnot be sent.

When sending messages to a mailing list it is always best to provide a URL 
where the file can be downloaded rather than attaching it to the message. 
Attaching files to a message being sent to a list is likely to get the message 
flagged as possibly containing a virus.


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