Hi giuliogiuseppecarlo,

gii> i use gimp quite regurarly but i have a problem with color correction.

gii> In fact, with some digital photo i make, my camera ( and not only mine,
gii> i have tried other cameras and they all have the same problem ) creates
gii> a very innatural shade of what i would call green ( see sample ).

gii> I know it is a false color since it appears very strange for me that i
gii> have seen the real one, and also i have tried with a traditional camera
gii> with several slide films ( both fuji and kodak of various kinds
gii> ) and it is very different from the digital one.

I don't have a response to your question (sorry), but have a
similar enquiry. I hope responses come to the gimp-user list
[EMAIL PROTECTED] so more can learn.

There are some good articles and chapters from books at this site.
They are photoshop related. Concepts apply, although actually
doing the work can be confusing sometimes:

This is an excellent digital photography site. Although photoshop,
there are concept articles:

The best professional quality GIMP site dealing with photography is


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