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> Hi,
> In the image am having, I want to swap the colors between red and blue. How
> to do that using gimp???

I would recommend using the Colors Channel Mixer. If you look at the  
screenshot for it in the online GIMP User's Manual  
(http://docs.gimp.org/en/plug-in-colors-channel-mixer.html), you will  
notice it showing the Output Channel chosen being Red and that it is  
configured to 100% Red with 0% for the Green and Blue components (this  
is what you would expect for the Red Channel to appear as Red :] ). If  
you change the slider values so that the Red Channel is set to 0% and  
the Blue Channel is at 100%, then the information in the Red Channel  
of your layer will be converted to Blue (you are halfway done).

Now if click on the drop-down box for the Output Channel and select  
the Blue channel, you can change the settings for it so that the Red  
Channel is 100% and the Blue Channel is 0%.

Once those two changes are made, you can click on the "OK" button. The  
Red & Blue channels will be swapped (this only happens on the selected  
region of the active layer, to have the change affect the whole image,  
you will need to merge your layers or apply the same settings to the  
other layers manually).

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