I don't really understand your message. Try to keep your emails to a
Gimp crashes when you are loading an image, is that correct ? 
Can you offer that image for download on internet so we can try ?
If you are concerned about gimp version number, send a different email
asking for version number increase : p

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Subject: [Gimp-user] Oh man, i am very sad, that GIMP very often crash

Hi the GIMP developer,

I am very like GIMP for linux, and i am very often using GIMP to edit
and retouch my picture collections. For example, after retouch the
picture and save into file.xcf ( more than 80Mb) and next time i try to
open it, and opening big file sometime crash, or sometime to edit
someting also crash. now very often i use GIMP always crash (sometime
hang, sometime not enough memmory to open 2 large file and etc. ) I am
very sad about this one. Today i try to report this whislist, but some
people also already post like my wishlist. 
I use GIMP 2.3.18 compile from souce, and hope the next release after
GIMP 2.4 is launching, the GIMP can move into new GIMP with GEGL or
other feature so the memory usage of GIMP can fix and very often crash
also fix. and GIMP should become version 3. and need some big
enhancement. I use GIMP since GIMP 1.2.3, now after more than 5-6 years,
gimp still in version 2.3.x (development) or 2.4 (next release). hope
the developer can increase the productivity of the GIMP.
I know, i am not advance in programming, so i can help the development
of the GIMP. i only can to post some wishlist. And i am sorry about it. 

Thank you, and sorry my bad english.


Teddy Widhi Laksono

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