On 6/15/07, Milos Prudek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to script two simple actions:
> 1)
> - Add frame 20 white pixels,
> - Add frame 2 black pixels,
> - Add frame 80 white pixels,
> - Job finished
> 2)
> - add white blurred frame 110 pixels
> - blur the border, grain 9, no added shadow
> - Job finished
> I would like to do it in Python. Where can I find API calls available in
> Python plugin?
> --
> Milos Prudek

As far as I can see, the pygimp docs are only in the sourcetree of
gimp, not an installation :(.
In the sourcetree, it is in plug-ins/pygimp/doc/; you'll have to
download one of the source archives.

Apart from the specific API provided by pygimp, all the pdb functions
are usable through the pdb object.

A skeleton of a PyGimp plugin follows:

-- cut here --
#!/usr/bin/env python
import gimp,gimpplugin
from gimpfu import PLUGIN, PF_INT, PF_IMAGE, PF_DRAWABLE

# this is the usual thing to do, to make pdb more easy to access
# most plugins would make use of the pdb, though this one doesn't.
pdb = gimp.pdb

class Simple (gimpplugin.plugin):
    def query (self):
        # I didn't want to bother with specifying author, copyright etc just
for this example,
        # so here's a default string to use
        d = ''
        gimp.install_procedure ('plug_in_simple',
d,d,d,d,d,'<Image>/File/Simple_Test', '*',PLUGIN, [(PF_INT,
'run_mode', "run mode"),(PF_IMAGE, 'image', 'Image'), (PF_DRAWABLE,
'drawable', 'Drawable')], [])

    # must have class methods corresponding to the pdb entries you register.
    # script-fu etc. see this as 'plug-in-simple'
    def plug_in_simple (self, run_mode, image, drawable):

    def start (self):
        gimpplugin.plugin.start (self)
    def quit (self):
        #cleanup here -- usually defining this is unnecessary
if __name__ == '__main__':
    Simple ().start ()
-- cut here --

And the pdb is accessible, in brief, like this:

pdb.plug_in_gauss (image, drawable, 9, 9, 1)
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