Hi --

I'm running Gimp 2.2.11 under OS X 10.4.9.

I'm using a "professional" set of fonts called P22 Cezanne that I got
from Myfonts.  Not only does the font set include "P22 Cezanne", it
also includes "P22 Cezanne Alt One", "Alt Two", "Ligatures" and

>From within Gimp I've put a path to every directory on my system that
contains these fonts, to no avail.  What shows up in Gimp is a list of
*several* P22 Cezannes, but when I try to switch the font around using
the text tool, each one of the P22 Cezannes turns out to be the same

Uh, what am I doing wrong?

TIA, Phoebe
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