Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Thursday 21 June 2007, Michael Schumacher wrote:
>> Sounds like the article uses Cinepaint propaganda without original
>> research.
> You could be right on the money.
> It's typical (speaking from experience here) for magazine article
> authors to be under time pressure, so they don't always feel free
> to do as much research as they'd like (and as they should).
> Which leads me to my next question/suggestion: have any of us
> considered putting together a magazine website? If it went well,
> we could get all ambitious and turn it into a paper raga as well,
> but the general idea would be to present a semi-official place
> to collect both competent critisims (like Mr Hammel's) and also
> an occasional article on plain old using the GIMP, plus one on
> artistic techniques (thinks like recoving faces from botched
> photos, differences from other programs, an article or two from
> developers on what's gunner happen to GIMP & how & why.
> I think we could do a little light advertising (GIMP and
> graphics focus) as well, to cover hosting costs et al, but I'm
> happy to volunteer to put the effort in to run the site (call
> the post "abuse server"?) and nag people for articles etc.
> The leading question, I guess, would be: does such a beastie
> exist already? How much duplication of effort would it involve?
> The printed graphics magazines available here in Oz tend to be
> quite expensive, and if they have a product focus, it'll
> typically be PhotoShop. So you could call this filling a
> personal need.
> I'm not in a position to run a server (net access here is
> dialup -- slow -- or satellite -- $$$ for data -- so what we'd
> need to do this voluntarily is someone with an ADSL or similar
> link with a few spare gigabytes and a machine which won't mind
> being a DNS and web server (which implies a fixed IP address).
I don't think the costs on the electronic side would be that bad. 
Currently I use namecheap for my domains and hostgator for hosting,
neither of which runs that bad (three domains at approximately
$8.88/year and $10/month for the hosting.).  And I am nowhere near my
limit for storage.
The hardest part of any sort of periodical publication is keeping that
constant energy going.  We all have our lives outside of this forum, and
in many cases that life has to come first.  Somebody is going to have to
maintain the role of editor and chief nagger in terms of getting content
in on time (I've played that role and it is not fun).
One last question for you all: if you do put-together an online
magazine, who will you be writing to and for?  It's easy for the people
here to put questions to themselves and answer them, but I'm thinking
that's not the audience you're aiming for (otherwise, why would you even
need to expand beyond this).

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