Hi Gimp-user,

Following the LJ thread, I thought I'd mention some resources I found
useful at this moment in time. Perhaps it'll help someone else get up
to speed faster. For background: I was a previous PSP user (didn't
like it). I know technology. The extent of my photography/art was
icons, snapshots, and non-processed digital images. The list below is
beyond Gimps built-in Help[F1]/Context Sensitive Help[Shift-F1], which
imho, should always be tried first :-) If you are starting out, you
should probably try to read either the Gimp Documentation, or the book
at Gimp-Savvy. It's the old 80/20 rule. You'll get 80% of your
knowledge from one of these resources. The 20% you'll pick up as you
go and on the Net. The links listed below are in no particular order.
There is a lot out there, of various quality, and age :-( There is
nothing worse spending hours at a site, only to find out that it is
irrelevant because it applies to the previous release or older :-) I'm
also not a fan of a site that only contains links, without content. It
consumes time and the "knowledge meter" stays the same :-) I try to
pick sites that are any of the following: official, active/maintained,
the owner cares/has passion for the subject, and is original, with
some exceptions. These links are geared towards linux, but there seems
to be another whole group of links for Mac and Windows which I haven't
pursued. Once you get the basics down, then searching with the search
argument "gimp" and "function" or "whatever you are trying to do"
seems to work. It never hurts to search for "gimp faq" or "gimp tips
tricks". The complaint I keep reading about GIMP is the interface. I
have had the exact opposite experience. It isn't perfect, but in
general it really works for me. One thing I did was dock all the
dialogs in one window. The tools on top, the layers, channels,
brushes, gradient, tool options, etc., on the bottom. I thought it was
a little tricky docking things. It wasn't obvious to me that you had
to drag a dialog to a very specific horizontal line (drag handle
area). I found it easier to close the dialog and use "Add Tab".

Gimp Documentation:

GimpGuru:  Specializes in photography:

Gimp-tutorials: I'm not sure this is original content:

Wiki Gimp:

Wiki Gimp 2:

Gimp tutorials:

Gimp user group (with tutorials):

Gimp Savvy: Online book:

Akkana Peck's web site:
She did a nice tutorial at linuxchix.org (currently being
reorganized). And, she did an excellent presentation at the Sydney
2007 Linux Conference that is available in ogg format. imho, this has
been the single best resource that took me from square 1 to 10 :-) in
a short amount of time. She is knowledgeable and a good speaker, the
pace is just right, and you can visually see what she is doing and try
it yourself.

Adapting Photoshop tutorials for the GIMP:

Couple specific tutorials on Bezier that seemed useful and unique:

Gimptalk: Forum:
and tutorials: http://www.gimptalk.com/
and tips: http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/forum/GIMP-Tutorials-and-Tips-8-1.html

Gimp at flickr:

Gimp at Deviantart:

Gimp at Linuxartist (just links):

Gimp article at tuxmagazine (PDF):

Tutorials for Gimp:

YouTube and Gimp:



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