Kim Johansson wrote:
> Hello,
> In another topic on this list, the discussion went about the name
> being offending and a problem when attracting new users and for the
> users, the name could mean that they have a hard time attracting
> clients. Here in Sweden, the name is just confusing for most people.
I've heard the same thing on my own end, but until somebody proposes a
reasonable alternative (and since I have not done any development on
GIMP, I don't consider it appropriate for me to suggest one), we're
really stuck at an impasse.  Maybe something like gIMP.
The one thing I'd like to see answered one way or another in a concrete
fashion is how much of a barrier to acceptance is the name?  Are CIOs
really rejecting it because of the connotation?  Is there a mass
rejection?  I don't know, I have no facts one way or another but until
somebody actually puts together some numbers we're going to continue to
scratch our heads as to why the GIMP is not as well accepted as we think
it should be.

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