On Sun, 2007-06-24 at 21:41 +0200, Kim Johansson wrote:
> Some people only know the definition they learned from "Pulp fiction".
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimp_%28sadomasochism%29
> 2007/6/24, Jon Cosby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>         Kim Johansson wrote: 
>         > Hello,
>         >
>         > In another topic on this list, the discussion went about the
>         name being
>         > offending and a problem when attracting new users and for
>         the users, the
>         > name could mean that they have a hard time attracting
>         clients. Here in 
>         > Sweden, the name is just confusing for most people.
>         >
>         Somebody help me on this one. What is derogatory in GIMP?
>         Dictionary.com
>         has several definitions, including "spirit, vigor, or
>         ambition". Nothing 
>         that might be construed as offensive. Am I missing something?

In a 'normal' social context the most common use of word gimp is as a 
derogatory term for someone who is crippled.  Specifically, someone who can not 
walk or has trouble walking.

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