On Tuesday 26 June 2007 10:16 pm, Suin Edit wrote:

> Dear GIMP users:
> I have a 1000*1000 picture, for example.  I need to tile it (copy and
> paste) into a 2000*3000 bigger pictures.

> But I found it's hard for me to exactly tile the bigger files.  How
> can I set to make sure there are no gaps.

You can add guides to the image at the boundary between tiles. Place 
vertical guides at 0 and 1000 and horizontal guides at 0, 1000, and 

>From the image window, open the Image menu. Select the Guides submenu. 
And choose the New Guide... item. This dialog lets you precisely 
position your guides.

Then drag your pasted layer tiles into position. They will snap into 
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