Right, but when I try to move a layer, sometimes I will be moving the  
layer that is on top, instead. When I click the image with the Move  
Tool, it will pick the top layer...

Hm... I noticed right now that there is an option for this tool...  
"Move the active layer" - that's it :)

Victor Domingos


Em 2007/06/27, às 16:08, vt escreveu:

> 2007 m. birželis 27 d., trečiadienis 17:56, Victor Domingos rašė:
>> Hi!
>> Is there an easy way to lock one or more layers, so that one cannot
>> move or change them by any other way? I thought that was the function
>> of the little chain icons in the layer windows, but they seem to do
>> nothing... By the way, what are they for?
> They're used to move several layers at time - they keep same  
> position. Usefull
> tool, when you wish to move several layers and do not want their  
> composition
> to change. Otherwise you ougth to merge them what is not always  
> what you want
> to do.
> You change active layer by selecting one in Layers tab. You select  
> it and all
> actions you do apply to active layer only.
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