A friend sent me his recipe for a very nice effect.  However, he uses CS2
while I use The Gimp.  Can someone help me translate these into the best
Gimp commands?

Note, there was no step 1 apparently.

2) convert to grayscale
3) bring up the brightness just a bit.
4) convert to duotone
5) select black as your primary and then select whatever shade you want as
your secondary.
6) once the duotone has been applied, convert the image back to an RGB image

I have the "script_fu_Eg_DuotoneSimulation" by Martin Egger (12.07.2005),
but I am not sure what settings to use.  I've combined 2 through 6 because
the script wants an RGB image for the DuotoneSimulation.  Should I
desaturate (remaining as an RGB image) or convert to grayscale mode and then
back to RGB?

Step 5 is the most puzzling.  Primary -- huh?

13) flatten the image again.
19) merge the visible layers then create a another duplicate layer,

I've skipped a bunch of obvious steps involving blurring and inverting and
layer mode-ing, etc.

Am I right in assuming that if there are no invisible layers, that "flatten
the image" and "merge the visible layers" are the same thing?  Since my
friend never talks about an invisible layer, I guess I ought to ask if he
skipped telling me something, huh.

22) run "Unsharp mask" - amount = 20% , radius  = 50 pixels, threshold = 0

Gimp's amount is a decimal.  Is PS's 20% equal to 0.20?

Any help is appreciated.

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