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> "Olivier Lecarme" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The Wacom Intuos tablets provide all you want, and in fact more, 
> Is that also true for the older (serial) versions? If so, how to
> enable this?

Serial tablets were even easier to setup than USB have been for some
time as there was less software wanting to take part compared to what
happens now (no serial level driver required while usb does, and no
udev like is typical now), and they worked for all basic features.
Single one I remember not getting was the top "buttons" (16
programable areas in top edge and two to change pressure response)
which probably were just implemented at the driver level. But
pressure, tilt and so on, pretty good.

OTOH, I remember having some issues with NT driver, and Wacom's reply
was that "it had to be that way" (it was long time ago, sorry for the
lack of details... I remember placing it with the "why do I have to
reboot for this" issues tho), no idea if it changed with 2000, etc as
that tablet has been Linux only since.

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