On Monday 09 July 2007, David Southwell wrote:
> A gui that emulates photoshop is really needed.

If it were done as a "wrapper" idea over standard GIMP, and
integrated, I could easily agree with that. Much better again
if it were modular, so you could enable and disable PS-ish

The current gung-ho we-know-better approach is hardly conducive
to co-operation, and I suspect that the result will be a "poor
man's clone" of PS, one which continually lags behind both PS
and GIMP. Abandoning core GIMP work to support it will hurt
GS first up because it will stop providing better platforms from
which to build the clones, & second up by making PS more of a
false "standard" to which GS must constantly be in pursuit.

With this in mind, the ideal thing to do is to start (without,
of course, asking the GS developers) a "GimpShop Clone" which is
a more modular menuing system for GIMP, expressed as a PS-like
overlay. Call it PhotoGIMP and listen to the whinging! (-:

Things like a PS plugin-plugin would be a worthy but I think
separate project. Amongst other things, you could probably
convince such a beastie to run essentially headless. Call it
PhotoFactory and see what other whinges arise?

It would be in the spirit of the thing to do overlays for
TuxPaint, GPhoto, MS-Paint or whatever as well.

Anyway, that's my 2c worth. End of conversation, I suspect.

Cheers; Leon

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