>Is there a preference in GIMP, to make a channel appear as a  
>grayscale layer, instead of a red, green, or blue layer? Is  
>decomposing the image the only way to do this? I would laike to  
>compare two channels more easily, and the R/G/B color cast doesn't  
>seem to help...

Google for "lasmSpecial FX" inside there is a script Fu
 that do exactly what you need is called something as "channels Ops"
and will export rgb (and/or LAB, CMYK,HSV) channels as layer, in greyscale
without color overlay.

Saulgoode script also export them but not as layer but as layermask (the color
the layer and the channel greyscale is used as layermask) and compare layermasks
 is not easy and intutuitive as comparing layers.

About link sorry to be lazy, but i'm sure that typing "lasmSpecialFX" in google
will lead you in no time to its download page on Sourceforge.
if not drop me a mail i will just copy the script.
(work in Gimp 2.2 ...is not yet updated for Gimp 2.3)

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