On Wednesday 11 July 2007 17:16, Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Thursday 12 July 2007, Manish Singh wrote:
> > The GPL allows forks, but doesn't require the organization
> > that was forked from to provide support to the fork.
> True. However, I'm wondering if there's anyone here willing to
> moderate such a list, & what it would coist to run such at
> Berkeley?
> The logic is that it would take such posts away from the main
> list (which you're reading now) & really be helping people.
> The downside is that it could be seen as supporting GimpShop
> despite the developer's entire unwillingness to join this
> community.
> In answer to the second point, are are any other good, free
> (yeah, yeah, I know) list servers in action that you'd
> recommend someone independant started a support list on?
> The idea behind that is to take the traffic away but still
> be able to monitor it, so that despite said developer's
> approach, good ideas could be captured for the benefit of
> *both* packages. And, who knows, bad ideas might even get
> a little slapping about before anyone implements them, so
> establishing a precendent.
> If enough people here think the idea's basically a winner,
> I might ask Linux Australia to be a list host, with the
> idea of inviting a few others here along as moderators.
> Cheers; Leon

Anyone can set up a list at yahoogroups.  I see some with three 
members. The owner of the list can set the rules, allow anyone to 
join or requre preapproval, prescreen or not prescreen posts, set up 
assistant moderators and so on. I am the lead moderator on 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] I have two essentially coequal 
co-moderators. The owner of the list is SPAN.

It is a comprehensive service and it is free. It isn't perfect but 
what is? 
John Culleton
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