On Thu, 2007-07-19 at 21:04 +0100, norman wrote:
> > * norman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [07-19-07 13:35]:
> > > The printer I have is said to be capable of printing on a CD or DVD. I
> > > wondered if it were possible to prepare and print images using Gimp and,
> > > if so, how would one go about the task?
> > 
> > no problem preparing the image/s, as to printing, hard to tell.  You
> > provide so much information...
> > 
> > Probably need to turn right at that corner.
> > 
> How right you are. I think it may be possible to actually print from
> Open Office or Turboprint the problem is getting the correct dimensions
> and the image in the correct place on the page.

As an addendum I have found a paper setting in the print menu, CD 5in
and further reading indicates that this should print to the CD or DVD
avoiding the centre hole and the edge. I must find an old disc and try
it and report back.


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