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> David Southwell wrote:
>> Anyone...
>> Finally does anyone have a handle on the timeframe for 2.4??
> Not really. I think you'll just have to be patient.
> Incidentally, unless you've got a pro camera and lens, a high quality, 
> properly 
> calibrated monitor and a very good printer, I really don't think you're going 
> to 
> benefit from the extra bit depth. Probably you know this already but I 
> suspect 
> many people out there are under the mistaken impression that they're losing 
> quality if they use Gimp when really they're not.


this is not quite true. Even without calibrated equipment you can benefit
a lot from 16bit color depth. Simply because the picture contains more
information. If you want to brighten a dark area of a picture for example.
The 8 bit picture does not reveal details in that area and it remains dark
resp. grey. But the 16bit picture will reveal details in that area which
do not even exist in the 8bit picture.. This is simply a matter of
information density and has nothing to do with color calibration. 


> For a while I've been using Gimp in preference to Cinepaint because I felt 
> that 
> 8bpc was good enough and well worth the tiny sacrifice in quality for the 
> massive gains in usability. But I was surprised to learn from a pro 
> photographer 
> friend recently that he forces his Photoshop down to 8-bits because, even 
> with 
> his set-up, he couldn't see the difference in quality. And he makes the 
> reasonable point that he doesn't want to be manipulating bits he can't see.
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