ok, ill give it ago. i have worked with other psd with v 2.2.13....
thanks for the advice.

On 7/21/07, Choi, Ji-Hui <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi, Tom

my recommand is update your gimp to 2.2.17
someday ago, I worked with psd file using 2.2.17. there was no problem.

if you can't open still, please install 2.3.19 developer version.

== 2.3.19 ==
- support long layer names in PSD files

== 2.3.8 ==
- made PSD load and save plug-ins 64bit clean
- added basic support for layer masks to the PSD save plug-in

== 2.3.0 ==
- improved PSD save plug-in

good luck

최지희(Choi, Ji-Hui)

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