[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2007-07-19 at 1856.54 -0400):
>> I have personally tried to create such a brush, but the results are
>> inconclusive. I use an Intuos 3 tablet and have created (just for test) a 
>> 3
>> x 3 matrix containing 9 images and 2 ranks, first for x-tilt and second 
>> for
>> y-tilt. As far as I understood, this would have created one image for:

I did a demo for some "doubts" in IRC, over two years ago, and I
barely remember it so excuse the fuzzyness of the description
(currently I do not have access to the tablet, so no way to test it
again): 3*3 items per layer were for tilt, using each axis as indexer,
and the layers were another indexer or two (2 groups of 2 layers),
thus giving 3D or 4D "image". I think it worked at the time, allowing
people to see the effects of the 3 or 4 tablet variables.


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