On Thursday 02 August 2007, Dr. Muhammad Masroor Ali wrote:
> Dear All,
> After I upgraded my machine (Dell, 1GB RAM, PIV processor) to
> Fedora 7, gimp worked fine for a few days. Then it started to hang
> after about ten minutes of use. It works fine (pencil, crop and
> fill), but after gimp has been used for about, say ten minutes,
> whenever I try to open or save a file from the File menu, the menu
> appears and then gimp hangs. Nothing can be done after that except
> forced kill.
> Then I upgraded gimp to the latest available stable version 2.2.17
> (from koji). Then after about a week the problem reappeared. I can
> work for a few minutes, even save and/or open a file or two, then
> gimp hangs as soon as I use an item in File menu.
> No problem occurs if gimp is used as a superuser (using su -c). I
> am always against running an application as the superuser, and
> advise people against it, but I really need to meet a few
> deadlines.
> Excerpt from ~/.xsession-errors,
> (script-fu:3683): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: wire_read():
> errorWindow manager warning: Buggy client sent a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW
> message with a timestamp of 0 for 0x3e0a86e (The GIMP)
> Window manager warning: meta_window_activate called by a pager with
> a 0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed.
> Any suggestion will be appreciated.
> Regards,
> Dr. Muhammad Masroor Ali
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> Department of Computer Science and Engineering
> Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
> Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
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could be permissions. Make sure that the files are in a folder that 
has 777 permissions, and/or belongs to your user name and group. 
chmod -R 777 foldername
chown -R myname:users foldername. 

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