> On 8/6/07, Rei Shinozuka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > is there a (relatively) simple way to add a "galen rowell" filter.
> > that's the late national geographic photographer to made great use
> > out of graduated color filters to bring out the colors in sunset,

David Gowers writes:
> otherwise: no, by the time you have scanned in the film it is already
> too late (GR filter effects the perception of the camera)
> Anyway, it's probably better to use an HDR tool rather than GIMP,

Sure, that's probably better; but with a lot of images you can bring
out much more vibrant color simply by using tools like brightness/
contrast, levels or curves, or by overlaying the image with itself
and playing with layer modes.

So to get a graduated filter effect, try making a duplicate layer
with a layer mask, then draw a black/white gradient on the layer
mask. Then you can operate on just the sky part using the various
brightness tools.

You could also use a graduated selection (e.g. draw a gradient on
the quickmask), but if you use a separate layer with a layer mask
you can change the "graduated filter" after the fact, making it
more gradual, or lower, or cutting out that tree sticking up above
the horizon, or whatever other editing you need, without losing the
contrast effect you've already done on the sky.

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