On Thursday, August 09, 2007 7:20:52 pm Patrick wrote:

> What I am still confused about is how to append one animation
> to another. I tried the "map to" option with different frame
> settings but the second animation just seems to get imaged
> over the first rather then appended after it.
> Could anyone tell me how to append? Thanks for your

"Video/Frames Renumber..." brings up a dialog allowing you to 
renumber the frames by setting the first frame number and the 
number of digits used for each frame number.

If you give the same name to each animation's frame files, for 
instance "banner_" for the part before the serial number, you 
can renumber the frames for the animation you want to append to 
the end starting with the frame number after the last frame of 
the first animation and copy those frames to the first 
animation's folder.
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