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> ... What I am still confused about is how to
> append one animation to another. I tried the "map to" option with
> different frame settings but the second animation just seems to get
> imaged over the first rather then appended after it.
> Could anyone tell me how to append? Thanks for your time-Patrick

The short answer is "use the VCR Navigator" but allow me to give an example.

Let's assume you have a main animation to which you wish to append  
another clip. Open up the first frame from each of the animations and  
then perform a "Video->VCR Navigator" to raise its dialog window.

At the top of the dialog window you will see a drop-down selector  
which allows you to choose which of the open animations is being  
"navigated". Set this selector to the clip which you are appending.  
Next, right-click on one of the thumbnails in the list and choose the  
"Select All" menu item. Again right-click on a thumbnail and choose  
the "Copy" option.

Now go to the drop-down selector and choose your main animation.  
Scroll down to the very last frame, right-click on it, and select the  
"Paste After" option. It might take some time to perform the copy,  
depending upon how many frames you are adding.

Once you are aware of this method, it should be obvious that it is  
very similar to the standard copy-n-paste used by most programs. It  
should be noted, though, that every frame of your source gets  
duplicated into a 'video buffer' directory which will make the process  
slower and require more disk space than the method proposed by Scott  
Bicknell (it does, however, leave the original clip intact). Also,  
this 'video buffer' directory will retain copies of the last cut/copy  
operation until you manually delete them (you can clear the video  
buffer from the right-click menu in the VCR Navigator).

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