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> >
> > What you will see are some gray boundary areas around your
> > white object, depending on what parameters you used for the
> > blur effect.
> That's not what I see. I started with a white background layer,
> added a transparent layer, created a circular selection, filled
> it with white, deselected the area, and used Gaussian blurring
> with a radius of 20. It behaved as it should, spreading out the
> pixels and gradually blending them to the transparent areas of
> the layer without affecting the color. The only way it becomes
> visible is if I toggle the visibility of the background layer.

Strange. But admittedly I don't have the latest version of GIMP installed on
this computer. I'll check again tomorrow, once I'm no longer dependant on a
dial-up internet connection...

- Jürgen Hubert

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