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> Hi,
> I wanted to ask why the lines drawn with a Wacom tablet look so
> different when drawn in gimp vs. when they're drawn in Photoshop or
> OpenCanvas.
> Attached is an example of lines drawn in Photoshop CS2, CS3, OpenCanvas
> (sorry, can't remember the version #) and Gimp (2.2.15, I think)
> The line drawin in Gimp does not look very smooth - there are bumps n
> the line and it looks segmented.
> Why is this happening and is there any way to fix this behavior? Is this
> intrinsic to Gimp or does it come from the linux wacom driver?
> Maybe Photoshop/oC have some smoothing algorithms that they apply to raw
> stroke data..?
a) the pressure curve being used with GIMP is definitely different
from the one used by the other software. This is related to the
LinuxWacom driver (look up the 'PressCurve' option, to adjust the
b)  yes, oC certainly does have smoothing algorithyms.. and probably
Photoshop too.
c) 'p1' seems to be using a different brush than the other 3.
d) The 'jumps' in brush size are due to limitations that GIMP places
upon brush scaling. There is probably some way to adapt this so it
works better for small scale brushes.

> Has anyone encountered something similar before?

The ink tool in GIMP is the only tool that currently uses smoothing.
As you can see, it produces results comparable to Photoshop and oC:


The smoothing code for the ink tool can probably be adapted for use
with normal brush-based paint tools - if you want this, I urge you to
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