On 8/21/07, Konstantin Svist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks everyone for advice!
> I'll definitely try playing with the pressure curves.
> And yes, 'p1' was apparently a modified brush (the original artist
> confirmed it :). But that aside, p2 and o1 look a lot better than g1...
> I've heard somewhere that gimp was made for photo editing, not
> drawing/sketching.. so I guess it's not very likely this will change?
I think it's fairly likely. stroke smoothing is useful for photo editing too..
> Are there any programs in Linux that were actually made for
> drawing/sketching?

Krita (which I personally have not had much luck with, i found it crashed a lot)

> Thanks!
> P.S. just tried the ink tool - it has a fairly annoying "angle" setting
> which makes the strokes change width based on the angle (angle 0 means
> horizontal strokes are thin, while vertical strokes are thick). I don't
> see the same in your example, though - what setting did you change to
> get that?

If angle 0 means vertical strokes are thick, then you have selected a
vertical pen tip. The default pen tip has no orientation, and thus
Angle doesn't effect it.
See the 'Shape' section in the ink tool's options. The example image I
showed you was done with a circular pen tip, size 3, pressure
sensitivity = 1.0. You can manipulate the pen tip using the Shape
section (move the box in the diagram)
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