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> the way these two tools work is too different, for the adaptation to be 
> possible
> to quote Sven :
> "The paintbrush stamps the brush repeatedly on the canvase to create a
> brush stroke. The ink tool however calculates the outline of the brush stroke
> based on geometry and movement of the brush tip. This stroke outline is
> then filled using a solid color. Both concepts have advantages and
> disadvantages."

What you describe is a method of rendering, not a method of smoothing
strokes. Understand that stroke smoothing is a strictly mathematical
concept -- you know that the user drew through certain locations with
a certain pressure, tilt, and speed, and you simplify that set of
points into a smoothed stroke (ie. another set of points). Then you
render the stroke however is appropriate.
To illustrate quite clearly -- Inkscape, a vector drawing program,
includes the kind of smoothing I am talking about.

The problems described by Konstantin are
a) lack of stroke smoothing
b) lack of smooth rendering of the stroke (mainly, jarring 'jumps' in
brush size)
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