Your files are unchaged you can open them with any graphic tool, or browse them 
with any good viewer (that is not MS fax and images viewer but free tool as 
xnview , irfanview or fastone image viewer,all free and with no ads)

Back to the problem , what changed is only the icon associated to your file, 
you must be tricked during the install, to associate files to Gimp ( that in 
windows usually is not a very good idea).

In theory must be sufficent right click on every kind of file(jpg, png and so 
on) and from the drop down menu to (re)associate them to ...whatever you like 
use to browse or open them as default.

But ,in windows in the practice  this seldom works , what it works usually is 
install something as irfanview ( and associate to him all 
graphic files

That will break the gimp file association and once done you can even unistall 
irfanview ( but no much reason to unistall, work much better then the "fax and 
image viewer" and can perform on the fly most of the editing needed  as 
resize,crop, correct saturation, contrast , gamma, hue, apply effect or even PS 
filter...and organize resize convert in other format even in batch mode).

PS for the developers...i hope the windows installer of next gimp 2.4 will NOT 
offer a options to associated files to gimp.
That option is usually misunderstood by users, bring them only troubles and not 
advantages and make them even a little paranoid (they believe that something is 
changed in their files , since the icon is changed).

its also unneeded as option...if some Windows user for some weird  reason want 
associate some kind of graphic file to Gimp it has just to right click on the 
file to do it.

If not when prompted to associate graphic files to gimp most of new users will 
just give a random answer,(usually yes ), withouth really be aware of the 
consequences ( no so terrible but disturbing...any time you double click on a 
jpg to open in hurry ... you must wait to gimp to load..)

At least will be better move that preference from the install dialogue to the 
preference menu, that is the most obvious place for preferences

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