The first is about writing text to a file.
In SIOD doing something like this I can write text to a file: 

(let* (
(txt-output-file-name (string-append base-filename ".txt"))
(txt-output-file (fopen txt-output-file-name "w")))
(fwrite (string-append text-string "\n")txt-output-file)
(fclose txt-output-file))

If I try the same in tinyscheme it raises an error.
How can I do the same in tinyscheme?

For now, I've worked around as this, but looks ugly:

(define text-filename (string-append base-filename ".txt"))
(define txt-output-file (open-output-file text-filename))
(for-each (lambda (z)(write-char z txt-output-file ))(string->list
(newline txt-output-file))

The second question is about the memory used by gimp-image-undo-group
If I use this, my script easy eats all the memory. (It creates, moves
and destroys 49 layers per an undetermined number of runs)

I've created a simple script to test and show:
Defaults to create and destroy 20 layers x 5 runs = 100 layers and
group-undo each run.

Create a new blank image (420x300 pixels)
run the script on it script-fu-->test-->group-undo
If you check group-undo you will get an image about 193MB
If you don't check, the image will use 64.2MB 

Well, I have setted 64MB as max undo memory, but why this set is not
used when grouping undo?


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