David Woodfall wrote:
> I have just downloaded and tested two scripts and get the same error with
> each:
> Error: Set!: Unbound variable: new
> The scripts are gm-invert and gm-solarize. Is there some incompatability
> with newer versions of Gimp and these scripts? Is there an easy way to
> perhaps edit the scripts to get them working?
AFAIK, the interpreter has changed. I've found the following on
gimpusers.com regarding the upcoming 2.4 release:

- script-fu migration howto
A document, perhaps as part of the new website, that explains what
needs to be done to fix scripts that fail to run correctly with
GIMP 2.4. Perhaps also explain new features in 2.4 that are relevant
for script authors. Point to documentation for Tiny-Fu.

Don't know if the mentioned document has been written. However, the
pointer to the tiny-fu docs could be helpful.

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