i have created some wallpapers for GNU and want to publish them on my
blog. all are under Free Art License. Primarily, i use GIMP and save
images PNG format and i see my images are of size 2.5 MB. when i
convert them to JPG format they get reduced to only 347 or 600 KB of
size without any loss in quality.

i have a slow broadband connection. I can not upload images of size
more than 1.5 MB and hence PNG images never got published on my blog.
i live with the GNU spirit and use Free formats only like HTML and TXT
for articles i use to write.

In GIMP, is there any way i can reduce those PNG images to same size as JPG ?

Why JPG is so lightweight as compared to PNG ? (even when image doe
snot have any transparency)

( BTW, is JPG a fre format like PNG ? )

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