Hi Dotan,

>> Hi Gimp-user,
>> A friend sent me a link to a new GIMP book, "The Artist's Guide to
>> GIMP Effects" to be published this month.  There was a reference to it
>> in the Javascript book he was reading from the same publisher.  The
>> sample tutorial looked good.
>> http://nostarch.com/frameset.php?startat=gimp
>> Just thought I'd pass it on.

DC> Very nice, the sample chapters were amazing. This seems to be written
DC> for Gimp 2.2, but 2.4 will have significant changes. Can you (or the
DC> author) address that issue?

That's a good question. I don't have the specific answer. The
searching I did on the web site and amazon, didn't seem to come right
out and say it. The Table of Contents starts out with, "Looking Ahead
to GIMP 2.4". It is being published this year. Hhhmmm... Perhaps we
can get a response from the list.

Thank you.

PS: I think your message only came to me and not the list, so in my
reply I made sure the "To:" address was


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