On Thu, 23 Aug 2007 05:12:39 +0300, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Very nice, the sample chapters were amazing. This seems to be written
> for Gimp 2.2, but 2.4 will have significant changes. Can you (or the
> author) address that issue?

The first part of the introduction in the book covers this.  It took 2
1/3 years to get the book published, so starting with 2.2 seemed
reasonable at the time.  Also, it will be some time before all the major
distributions get updated to the requirements for 2.4 and have those
distributions propogated to the general public.  So even though 2.4 is
due soon, 2.2 isn't disappearing soon from a great many users desktops.

In the end, though, the changes for 2.4 don't greatly affect the
tutorials.  Mostly what changes is the location of menu options, which I
believe I've addressed in the book but will update on the web site as I
become aware of the errata.  New features in 2.4 are not used in the
tutorials (it's a 2.2 based text, after all) and none of the old
features used in the tutorials went away.  Mostly those features just
changed slightly in appearance or work better "under the hood" in 2.4.

If you're interested in dicussing the book or issues related to the
GIMP, I set up a web site for the book:

The book should just about be ready for shipping from retailers.  I was
just notified that my author copies will be sent soon.
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