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>> Very nice, the sample chapters were amazing. This seems to be written
>> for Gimp 2.2, but 2.4 will have significant changes. Can you (or the
>> author) address that issue?
> Speaking of books, I have Beginning Gimp, which was published in '06
> but says it includes material on the "latest 2.4 release"
> Wha?
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Actually that book was written based on a development snapshot of  
GIMP. I find it to be a very useful book IMHO. I'm not sure how  
relevant it will continue to be though, based on the fact that the  
author really seems to have jumped the gun in regards to the GIMP 2.4  
release. When you think about it, that book has been out for several  
months now, and was obviously being written for several months prior  
to the release (as is the nature of any book). The snapshot she was  
using could end up being far different from what 2.4 actually turns  
out to be.

I still find it to be a good book with helpful tips though.

--Mike H
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